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Authentication Failed, Please Re-enter Your Login Credentials

  • Friday Jul 23,2010 08:43 PM
  • By skarbd
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Okay, having been in software development for many many years, there are many ways to frustrate your users. One of these is to provide poor error messages.

To the untrained eye this simple message “Authentication Failed, Please Re-enter Your Login Credentials” would mean, you’ve entered the wrong password or username. Heh, where what else would you expect when you’re sitting at the Username/Password box.

But this is where you’re wrong, what it really means is that someone in Mythic development team is an imbred and shouldn’t be allowed to write front facing software. I would say send them to the server team, but their error handling would probably just as sloppy. Because what the message really means is …. your subscription has run out. You’d have to be pretty stupid not to have deduced that, I mean isn’t it obvious?

What you are meant to have done, is take into account that you received an email saying your account was going to run out and that meant today. Heaven forbid, that I could expect a expiry date on my end of subscription email.

This kind of piss poor work, really winds me up and just shows how little testing some people undertake with their code. Is it really that hard to have told me my subscription had run out?

I know you’re wondering why I get in such a state about the little things, but it’s just sloppy execution and doesn’t need to happen.

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